How long do I have to wait to receive my item?

  • Once we have verified your payment, we will contact you and arrange delivery to the stated address.
  • Your item should reach you within 3 working days.

What if the item I received is defected?

  • If you receive a defective item upon receival, kindly contact the number that verified your order.
  • Rest assure, we will advise you on this matter.

澳门ag现金官方Will there be any warranty?

  • Yes, there is a year warranty on flashes, strobes, LEDs, all sorts of lighting equipment.
  • However, warranty does not include soft boxes, backdrops, light stands, tripods, reflectors etc.

How do i get my faulty goods repair without a valid warranty?

  • If you have bought from us over a year and your item is facing some technical issues, you can bring it down to our warehouse to get it check and get a quotation on the repair cost.
  • If you’d choose to proceed forward, repair duration will take around 3-5 weeks.